UpSpring After School: Education & Enrichment

Piloted in January, 2016, the UpSpring After School - Newport program provides the opportunity for students at Newport Intermediate School, who are experiencing homelessness, to have a meaningful school-club experience. The theme "Year of Passion" allows the students to focus on dreams that can impact their future, their community, and the world at large. A major goal of this program is to help our children feel more connected to their school, their community, and their peers.

The shelter-based portion of UpSpring After School is hosted at the Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center, and was piloted in January, 2017. The program at Lighthouse has an academic and professional skill-building curriculum that invites area professionals to interact with the teens at Lighthouse. This program encourages teens to explore new opportunities and connect with members of their community.

The connectivity that these programs provide empowers students to do better in school and many children have told us how they have gotten better grades because of these programs. Stay tuned as we report on our progress that, as always, we are measuring closely with the help of Dr. James Canfield of the University of Cincinnati.