In 2018, UpSpring held its 20th annual summer program in Cincinnati & its 3rd year in Northern Kentucky!

UpSpring Summer 360 is an educational and enrichment-based program for local children experiencing homelessness.  Each morning our students (ages five to twelve) focus on literacy & math lessons delivered by licensed teachers. In the afternoon our students engage in enrichment, fitness, and other activities.  One day a week is generally reserved for an off-site field trip.  UpSpring provides transportation and meals to the students each day, completely free of charge.

The Program's objectives are:

  • To improve students’ literacy and math skills
  • To boost students’ social, emotional, and physical health
  • To expand enrichment opportunities and important childhood events

UpSpring Summer 360 has proven results for our region’s most at-risk students. For example, our pre & post-testing shows that 95% of our students retained or increased their literacy and/or math skills. Furthermore, metrics designed in conjunction with Dr. James Canfield of the University of Cincinnati revealed measurable increases in several “well-being measures” including health, self-confidence, stability, belonging, hope, and comfort. Students who are housed have more hope as their basic needs are met. When a young person is focused more on survival than aspiration, then he/she is far more likely to give up. UpSpring provides hope for a better future.

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